virus: Death Wish (was "Quest")

Brett Robertson (
Mon, 17 May 1999 20:00:49 -0500 (EST)

Death and wish are related-- but "death wish"... well, wish I hadn't said that.

There is a belief system which sounds something like "we all die so might as well do what I want...". This system starts with "we all die"
(not necessarily a wish), has shades of wanting (similar to wishing),
and *I*...

This is a form of the statements "I die", "I wish" (implying I wish I didn't die), and only in a roundabout way "I wish to die"-- in the sense that to maintain the "I" of the other 2 statements is to affirm the ability to wish and die.

About wishing and dyeing being related: To want is to include the historical self within a future where what is wanted is attainable: To *wish* is to see a future which is wanted but which does not involve the "I" directly. The ability to see such a future is founded upon not-I
(or self-negation/ death).

I want to say that I also think everyone should have the right to self-medicate (and that the medical profession maintains elitism and inequality through legislation to the contrary). Also, Dave, I don't think you lack anything needed to debate philosophy (thanks for visiting the website)... though *time* is ever valuable.

Brett Lane Robertson
Indiana, USA
MindRecreation Metaphysical Assn.
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