Re: virus: What you call this thing?

Erik (
Thu, 13 May 1999 23:45:23 -0700

I personally might call the damned thing a "simpleton" for simplicity's sake,
but sure honoring that dude that brought about the decimal system might be appropriate (read: cool) too.

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From: Wade T.Smith <> To: Church of Virus <>
Date: Thursday, May 13, 1999 5:18 AM
Subject: RE: virus: What you call this thing?

>OK.... I admit to being haplessly obtuse from time to time. Acuteness is
>the second thing to go, according to all the women I've dated in the last
>year or so.....
>But, all I was doing, the tangent I thought I was finding out here in the
>endless tracts of the river created after people have washed their hands
>of the *Truth* - is -
>I want to call the Virian maxims 'fibonaccis'.....
>Postulates of internal continuity, arising from simple (fractal)
>beginnings, with obvious and physical copies in the unmanipulated natural
>world (there already is a manipulated natural world).
>A maxim of logic derived from observation of nature.
>A Fibonacci.
>Any child can make one. Anybody can explain it to a child. A child can
>turn around and explain it to another child.
>- Wade