RE: virus: What you call this thing?

Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 13 May 1999 07:56:00 -0400

OK.... I admit to being haplessly obtuse from time to time. Acuteness is the second thing to go, according to all the women I've dated in the last year or so.....

But, all I was doing, the tangent I thought I was finding out here in the endless tracts of the river created after people have washed their hands of the *Truth* - is -

I want to call the Virian maxims 'fibonaccis'.....

Postulates of internal continuity, arising from simple (fractal) beginnings, with obvious and physical copies in the unmanipulated natural world (there already is a manipulated natural world).

A maxim of logic derived from observation of nature.

A Fibonacci.

Any child can make one. Anybody can explain it to a child. A child can turn around and explain it to another child.