Re: virus: a few bombs

Rhonda Chapman (
Thu, 13 May 1999 20:49:29 -0700

Roni wrote:

>Are you by any chance an "SF"?!? Just curious.

Psypher responded:

>>...not to my knowledge. I'm a 25 year old anarchist, but that's about
>>as far as my concrete self-definition goes.

Dan Plante then asked:

>>>This 35 year old anachronist wants to know: what the heck is an "SF"? I
>>>wasn't able to infer it from the context. Maybe I'm just tired.

I was tired when I wrote it and frustrated with my total inability to understand. Eva-Lise Carlstrom input was accurate (I'm a couple of light years behind on my e-mail - thanks for filling in). "SF" is indeed a Myers-Briggs personality classification which stands for Sensing Feeling. It is the opposite of my own, which is "NT" or iNtuitive Thinking. These two factors of their personality-quadrant system are reletive to human thought processes.

My question stemmed from the fact that I have occasionally experienced extreem difficult understanding "SF" types because our thought processes are near opposite. I was probably looking for an excuse. But, don't tell anybody, okay?!?

Psypher also wrote:

>>...I hope that's not what it applied to, cos I did the online mini-test
and ended up an >>iNTF, so no dice there. This would indicate that you are an INT/Fx. Where x is either P or J and "T/F" indicates a borderline between T and F. So much for my theory and hopeful excuse, huh?