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Dave Hall (
Fri, 14 May 1999 05:35:15 +0100

>From site: "Hitler's Triumph of the Will"

... which was a misinterpretation of Nietzche's "The Will to Power" .. the book he never wrote, in the final sense of the word (book and wrote). Hitler, like most accumulites, mistook it for a "manual" on how to write an effective/bestselling "my way or the high-way" autobiography (IMO), whereas it's simply a wild psycho-science fiction story, to use today's most influential lingo.

Something that deserves to be done by free-thinking (hobbiest's ... academics get paid to think) English readers/thinkers/writers is properly read through Walter Kaufmann's translation and editorial work, and discuss it, line by line if neccessary, in a forum such as this one. It would proof of this particular "Virus culture's" ability to create something genuknely meanignful, as an organism. Anyway, all previous translations prior to 1970 were done pretty shabbily. Apparantely .. and thus debunked by the English speakers of our "age" in a Time gone by.

Problem is that I think Ayn Rand was probably heavily influenced by the original German publication(s), got all hot and bothered by the mess of the Russian Revolution (war, experienced in person, does that to people) and then concocted Objectivism, which IMO is flawed. "There's no such thing as a bad crew, only a bad leader" (GI Jane ;->). We are all lead, and we are all lead .. so to blame one's ills on the "weak minded" (including your own weaknesses) shows a lack of indepth study and research into the core problem. IMO. Her love of the $ symbol pretty much shows the age of her system which is in clear need of revitalisation.

So anyway, I'm trying my damndest to work methodically through this translation of "The Will to Power" so as to *enjoy* the experience of thinking about the ideas he presents through his scribblings, which is how I interpret Nietzche's <planned> objective(s). The catch is that the "study excercise" is firing off thousands of thoughts as I make progress. If anyone else is interested in making a multi-person project out of this, it'd help me quite a lot. I'm a complete amateur at this philospohy game, and would hate to misinterpret things all on my own.

The Amazon link: 0108029

Best read the other reviews before putting that $12 on the line. They're sufficiently controversial enough IMO.