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You are making the Objectivist fallacy, Carl.

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[1] A
[2] A=A

[1] States that an entity which can be represented by A exists. In the above tautology [2], the entity symbolized by 'A' on the left is the same entity or an absolutely equivalent entity (for whatever purpose) represented by 'A' on the right. The operator placed between them is that of equivalence. This is a true "referenceless" statement of truth about the nature of the equivalence operator. You may argue that it has as referent, the context of symbolic logic, yet the "referenceless" statement of truth, that "A=A", does not become a supposition when removed from the "frame of reference" described above. It becomes meaningless, or takes on some other meaning - e.g. it could represent a polar bond between two molecules. So unless you wish to redefine English at the same time as we redefine everything else, your statement requires revision or rephrasing.

PS Prof. Tim, how did I guess you would?

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> ...anybody else have any comments on this one?
> >> All statements of truth are embedded a particular frame of
> > reference from which they cannot be separated without becoming
> > suppositions.
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> > Ooo! I like that!
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> > -Prof. Tim
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