virus: Memetic Fields: Basis of Social Organism
Mon, 10 May 99 11:01:58 GMT

At 15:46 09/05/99 -0700, Joe wrote:

>> What's the level of agreement on "there is no such thing as
>>absolute, knowable, non-cultural-group-specific truth"? I
>>think we should start our maxims nihilist & self-
>>contradictory, then work our way up.
>Is that an absolute, knowable, non-cultural-group-specific truth?

Hence the "self-contradictory" bit. One of my favourite neural tickles, that- always subscribing to worldviews that know for certain that you can't know anything for certain:

Me:     Ha- all ideas are just the expression of cultural 
        replicators. There is no truth.

Other: And what's your basis for promoting that claim?

Me: Erm... cos I like it?

Other: Well, I don't. So can I go now?

Me:     Erm- well... no, hang on... [Slow, luxurious pan 
        back showing me on my own in the middle of frosty

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