Re: virus: maxims and ground rules

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Sun, 9 May 1999 20:00:48 -0500

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From:           	Dave Pape <>
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> At 15:46 09/05/99 -0700, KMO wrote:
> >According to the CoV website, one of the current projects on the Virus
> >list is assembling a set of maxims that we can all agree upon. Of what
> >does that set consist at this point?
> >Are we all agreed that consciousness is better than/preferable to
> >unconsciousness?
> Subjectively I'd usually agree with that, unless I was going through one of
> my "consciousness is a bit of an illusion really" phases. Or one of my "I'm
> fucking tired" phases, actually. But then again, pro-conscious memes are
> bound to have a headstart over anti-consiousness memes, because people who
> enjoy comatose states would be less effective as vectors of memes.
> What's the level of agreement on "there is no such thing as absolute,
> knowable, non-cultural-group-specific truth"? I think we should start our
> maxims nihilist & self-contradictory, then work our way up.
Is that an absolute, knowable, non-cultural-group-specific truth?