Re: virus: Faith and Works

Snow Leopard (
Sat, 08 May 1999 16:56:37 PDT

>Dear Snow Leopard,
>Glad to have you (plural) back! I am always interested in talking
>with a sincere Christian. I just finished reading "The Screwtape
>Letters" by C.S. Lewis, and I certainly found them to be very
>enlightening. It's pretty obvious that the book is written to be
>pro-Christian, and doesn't seriously represent the position of the
>Devil well, but I found it a fascinating looking glass into Christian
>idealism. I recommend it.

I (Joy) have already read it, and Nathan plans on reading it as soon as exams are over. Rose read it many years ago... we're familiar.

Have you read any of C.S. Lewis' other works? If so, you must be aware that accuracy is not his objective. He's mocking "the devil" and he's teaching. He's teaching, and that's the point.

<<>I really don't want to fight an individual. It feels like crud. On
>this list, I can take a good stab at you NOTHING-worshippers, with
>full knowledge that there are enough atheists to respond with a decent

>Nobody here fights against individuals. We fight against the memes
>(or Virus's of the Mind) that some individuals have. We are not
>"throwing stones" and making ad-hominum arguments but rather critising
>ideas, and seeking the truth.

I disagree. I'm defending Christianity. Yes, that's Christianity with a "C" the xtians thing really bothers me. I see it on the same level as a racial slur. You send messages "disproving" bits of it. If I don't respond, that will stand as truth in the minds of your readers. In essanse, I'm in competiton with you. You'd probably see it as yourself producing interferons... whatever.

>[1] I'm using the NIV. Hope you don't mind.
>[2] Indeed, I've never even understood worship, either in practice or
>theory. Just why should any god even care what we grasshoppers think
>of it? Does it bring the Almighty pleasure to see us grovel and
>declare ourselves unworthy? But this is just my age old question --
>what is the meaning of God's life?

It doesn't make sense. Neither does a child playing with a gigapet. Neither does a parent caing after a child is grown. Don't ask me! I'm only worthy through Christ.

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