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Hello Snow
We have not met I am Jim
How and in what way is it not open. These people listen and offer opinions that are well informed and have been kind enough in many cases to supply information that would have taken a great deal of time to aquire. Often I have noticed that people get caught up in the game of debate and do not make a attempt to understand the others side. I for one have many friends that are Christian and I make no attempt to change them. But we do discuss the principals used to influence a congregation and how one is used by religious leaders to achieve their ends. Reading over this post I do relies that it may sound caustic it is not intended to be. Imagine instead that we are talking over doughnuts and coffee at a late hour and that my tone is friendly.

Best wishes

Jim Callahan
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>>Juliet wrote:
>><<I know that the very first thing you're going to do is shake your head
>>say "typical", but this seems a little biased. Yes, Christians will come
>>and we will make our statements. You will come and make your statements.
>>People of every religion are welcome, or else you're not as open-minded as
>>you claim to be. Where do you stand?>>
>>I stand for enlightenment. This is a Church, not an open forum. I assume
>>that everyone coming here wants to have his or her illusions dispelled and
>>to gain in clarity of understanding.
>I'm sorry, but there /is/ a separate list for more dedicated followers.
>This is not a church. It is not truly an *open* forum either, but if it
>were, you'd *really* hate what I have to say (more).
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