Re: virus: no purchase required

amir (
Thu, 06 May 1999 17:16:13 -0400

>When I
>first began reading stuff from this list, I saw a little bit of Christian
>bashing. (Or more precisely, Xtian bashing) This was one of the things
>that provoked me to speak up. You inadvertently taught me a thing about
>etiquette. So, let me just say that I will not oppose any specific belief
>system unless:
>1) There is someone present on this list who is a member of that belief
>system to correct me from the inside
>2) The consent of that person to ask questions/ make statements against
>something that is theirs. (I don't want to intrude)
>3) Someone neutral to objectively referee logic

so lets talk about judaism (im jewish enough to counter you ;-) the basis of christianity doesnt sit well in my stomach. theyve pulled enough strings on the jewish belief system that christianity seems to me as a complete digression of the torah. you name a [jewish] messiah (based on the jewish idea of what the messiah would be) and neither do we have utopia now, but you also EAT HAM ON HIS BRITHDAY!!! you wonder why bad things happen in this world: look at what christianity made of christians. religion by convinience?!?!?!?