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I dont see humanity as just self-destructive. Humanity evolved in cooperative and competitive modes, which are highly complex.

Because something is unknown now, doesn't mean It is anything else but unknown now. Tomorrow it may be a different story. I can't see what is gained by being anything but optimistic concerning humanity. We just keep getting better and better.

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> I don't have that take on things. Because we can't figure something out
> does not mean it is unknowable. Humanity's age of reason has just begun
> only a few centuries ago. 300 years vs. millions of years behind a
> shroud. There is plenty to do other than see solice in myth.
> Crazy things exist. The universe is self-ordering on all scales, but it
> isn't perfect.

Its unknowable at the time that it is unknown. The universe may be self ordering, but the human, despite instinct of self preservation is self destructive. What do you mean unierse is not perfect? Compared to what?