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Trey Remington (
Thu, 06 May 1999 10:48:09 PDT

>From: "Snow Leopard" <>
>Subject: virus: no purchase required
>Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 05:19:17 PDT
>Faith, Love, Works and other such requirements

>I said that faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior, is the only real
>requirement. So, how do works measure up? Let me give you a minor
But, I think
>that from the perspective of the families in the pews, it doesn't look
>healthy. It looks like the affection is absent, dead or dormant.

Due to Victorian etiquette, sexual double-standards, superior strength of the mighty primate male, Freudian penis-envy, Xtian woman bashing, the hidden chauvinistic, vaginal-phobic tendencies of Medieval clergy who say Yashua bin Maryam never got some and it was Eve's fault and humanity must suffer peacefully to be redeemed, and Western society's frowning upon displays of affection in public - "Its just not manly".

>1) There is someone present on this list who is a member of that belief
>system to correct me from the inside
>2) The consent of that person to ask questions/ make statements against
>something that is theirs. (I don't want to intrude)
>3) Someone neutral to objectively referee logic

We are gods - Psalms 82-6, John 7-10

>I really don't want to fight an individual. It feels like crud. On this
>list, I can take a good stab at you NOTHING-worshippers, with full
>knowledge that there are enough atheists to respond with a decent answer.

Zen practitioners are nothing-worshippers, would that make them atheists? But NOTHING is still SOMETHING, where ANYTHING is NOTHING. What is the sound of one hand clapping?

If, for example, someone was to defend Islam, but
>(s)he don't have sufficient language skills, that doesn't make their belief
>any less true (or less false).

I can defend Islam since I've been around 'ragheads' most of my life and have visited many a mosque and sect. But my defense is vulnerable to logic and a dogmatic stance can only be justified by means of violence. And if Jihad is the only way for a kaafiruwn(concealer of truth) to get to heaven then....
Maybe Allah can go to hell.

I do feel like the *only*
>soldier on the battlefield defending Christianity (me and the rest of the
>Snow Leopard pack), but I love to debate.

Where shall we start, heh, heh, heh.....

I pray every night
>that I'm saying all of this right, sometimes I can't quite connect it.
>Sometimes the logic is there, the English isn't. For that, I apologize,
>and realize that if I am debating against another individual, that person
>probably won't have all of the answers either. That's what some of you
>here on the list don't quite realize.


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