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Dr Sebby (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 05:02:50 CEST

i guess it doesnt work then...wait..what i if i reverse the polarity on the trilithium matrix drive then re-direct the resultant plasma energy as a non-aligned particle-beam through the positronic network so as to configure the rationality engine in such a way that hamsters will in the end, be comprised of approximately 23% ham - naturally allowing for a 'quantum q-tip' to be inserted directly where it was never intended to be insered, thereby allowing the developement of heretofor unforseen advances in the realm of edible gelatin. And that is exactly why i have always said, "it's always dangerous to perform somersaults near farm equipment..especially if it's rusty!!

>From: Zloduska <>
>Subject: virus:
>Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 19:46:27 -0500
>At 02:11 AM 4/19/99 CEST, you wrote:
>>somethings funny with my hotmail account...
>>let me test...anyone receiving this please hit
>>reply and say "yes"...much appreciated

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