virus: Re: META: topical rules

Snow Leopard (
Thu, 06 May 1999 09:52:02 PDT

>Would anyone object to a new Virus list rule that states that
>Christian apologetics is off topic? I don't see any reason to
>waste resources arguing with Christians (let them believe whatever
>they want), and I don't see any obvious way to disabuse them
>of their fanatasies even if we wanted to (though a university
>education seems to help).
>Alternatively we could say that every topic is valid for this list
>and leave it up to individuals to do their own filtering. What do
>you think?

I know that the very first thing you're going to do is shake your head and say "typical", but this seems a little biased. Yes, Christians will come and we will make our statements. You will come and make your statements. People of every religion are welcome, or else you're not as open-minded as you claim to be. Where do you stand?

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