Re: virus: Angry youth
Thu, 6 May 1999 11:10:12 EDT

Given that I only picked a few posts to flip through on this matter as I have been traveling across the country and can't catch up on over 300 plus email, I decided to choose the topic ov the hostility and anger in youth. Given that today is actually far worse on youth than when I was in high school only a few years ago. I can only be thankful that I am no longer in that mish mosh ov hell. I noticed that there is alot ov people trying to free themselves from "norms" but they are falling blindly behind the blind masses ov the age old " if you wanna hang with us you must be like us" Uniqueness and expression ov that difference is often shun and thus forms a feeling ov resentment and hurt which cannot be shown in the usual ways that is generally ok in the older people. I guess it I can liken it to coming out ov a mass pool ov daydreaming to be awakened and find that it is still the nightmare that has been there all along. I understand that the youth ov america seem to say that tele and all that are not responsible and that parents are to blame but, I say that forging a self assured foundation ov knowing whom you are is the best way to start and accepting that the past is just that. I believe that memories ov the way a person was treated can only make a person do one ov two things live in the poor me my life sucked and continues to suck here and now way Or say hey I am alive and I can not let this garbage intimidate me. Instead allow it to be a driving force to never have to return to that way ov living again and realize you are ultimately responsible for the actions you take. You may think that all this seem so cold and desensitized to the issue but hell, when I was younger and the jocks pissed me off I didn't reach for the AK 47 and take out the football team, I laughed at them cause they all were a bunch ov pre programmed non identifiable persons whose numbers were proally the only numbers they even could name. I however will say this... People in the world can be cruel. I wish more younger people would see just how fluff ridden all that image shit is and get on with the real live thinking and set them selves free. I don't think that Dillion ov 90210 or any ov those yuppy morons could give a rats ass about the youth they are polluting with their every week dilemmas.. Oh my gawdd.. my shoes don't match quick Kelllyy someone might see me and I will have to give up being popular cause I don't know how to dress without the help ov my make up tek...

Spewing chunks ov disgust with the whole mess this world is in, I head off to be a unique free thinking individual that could care less as to weather my ass looks to big in this pair ov non designer sweats to take a long walk in the mountains,

On second thought, I hope that the masses stays sleeping. I need the parking space.