Re: virus: what's in a name....

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 4 May 1999 18:45:22 +0100

In message <>, Zloduska <> writes
>Robin the non-woman wrote:
>>>Don't feel bad, I get mistaken for a male while online all the time.
>>I don't feel at all bad. For one thing, I'm used to it from USAnians
>>(over here Robin Hood tilts things the other way), and for another, I'm
>>a bit of an androgyne myself, "on the side".
>On the side? Like, you have an androgynous arm, leg, foot, ear, shoulder
>on your left, but your right is fully masculine? ;-) I don't get it.

You're a rotten quotemark-ignorer.

>then Wade (full-blooded male) wrote:
>>We oldster usanians don't have such a problem with the brit Robin, due to
>>Christopher Robin, of Pooh fame, and also a boy. (There is a Milne here-
>>a grandson is working at the Law School.)
>I think I accidently used "Robin" because I work with a woman named Robin.
>Incidently, for a short time a male named Robin was also working there, and
>so to distinguish I would call him Rrrrrrrrrrobin, with a exaggerated and
>shrill rolled R.

That would be appropriate for me too, as I'm a Scot.

>>And I, in particular, have no problem whatsoever, because of Robin
>>Williamson, of The Incredible String Band, and oldie but a goodie.

And another Scot. As was Robert Burns, the poet, who referred to himself in an autobiographical song as "rantin', rovin' Robin". An image I might not have minded living up to, if I hadn't always been a bit too introverted.

>I've heard of them, but on the other hand you have Robyn Hitchcock, who I'm
>particularly fond of, who has the Y instead. So I associate RobYn with
>male, and RobIn with female.

Not sure who Robyn Hitchcock is, but for some reason I assumed he was female!

>>And Robin Hood of course, but then, we'll forgive the Maid Kristy (if I
>>can presume too much as well...) her refusal to imagine you in tights....
>"Refusal"? Hardly! Imagining him in tights comes naturally.

Be my guest! The possibility of a web self-portrait comes to mind, but I'm a little on the heavy side just now (still at winter weight), so I think I'll pass on that.

On the subject of Rob{i,y}ns in the memesphere, what was the surname of the one in Cheers? You know, Rebecca's filthy-rich, ruthless boyfriend.

>wouldn't that be "Maiden Kristy"? Sorry, I'm not up to par on my R'
>Hood-speak and ignorant of exactly what "Maid" signifies, although I am
>comforted by the thought that A Man Needs A Maid.

As a Neil Young fan of that period, I can only say "ouch!"

Robin the non-Hood