Re: virus: what's in a name....

Zloduska (
Tue, 04 May 1999 11:45:45 -0500

Robin the non-woman wrote:

>>Don't feel bad, I get mistaken for a male while online all the time.
>I don't feel at all bad. For one thing, I'm used to it from USAnians
>(over here Robin Hood tilts things the other way), and for another, I'm
>a bit of an androgyne myself, "on the side".

On the side? Like, you have an androgynous arm, leg, foot, ear, shoulder on your left, but your right is fully masculine? ;-) I don't get it.

then Wade (full-blooded male) wrote:

>We oldster usanians don't have such a problem with the brit Robin, due to
>Christopher Robin, of Pooh fame, and also a boy. (There is a Milne here-
>a grandson is working at the Law School.)

I think I accidently used "Robin" because I work with a woman named Robin. Incidently, for a short time a male named Robin was also working there, and so to distinguish I would call him Rrrrrrrrrrobin, with a exaggerated and shrill rolled R.

>And I, in particular, have no problem whatsoever, because of Robin
>Williamson, of The Incredible String Band, and oldie but a goodie.

I've heard of them, but on the other hand you have Robyn Hitchcock, who I'm particularly fond of, who has the Y instead. So I associate RobYn with male, and RobIn with female.

>And Robin Hood of course, but then, we'll forgive the Maid Kristy (if I
>can presume too much as well...) her refusal to imagine you in tights....

"Refusal"? Hardly! Imagining him in tights comes naturally. Also, wouldn't that be "Maiden Kristy"? Sorry, I'm not up to par on my R' Hood-speak and ignorant of exactly what "Maid" signifies, although I am comforted by the thought that A Man Needs A Maid.