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virus: re: Who is next? and Piss test nation

Rhonda Chapman (
Sun, 2 May 1999 00:23:16 -0700

I do realize that a large section of the American public is rather ignorant of history. What I don't understand is how so few seem able to remember the outcome of the prohibition on alcohol. It was relatively recent. It was decidedly ineffective. It resulted in excesses of both crime and violence.

There is absolutely no logical basis for the concept that prohibitions on drugs, modes of behavior, Internet communications, or guns is any more likely to be effective. Perhaps what we need is a "test" or "psych evaluation", for level of education and intelligence, to be administered to all potential Senators and Congressmen. After all, it has not been so many years since a member of these esteemed bodies said, "If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, then English is good enough for me". Need I say more?