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If there's an easier way, let me know. Otherwise, will you pass this on??

Thanks, R

I'm starting to get a much clearer picture of the "youth" side.

I have an older friend who grew up in Tacoma. As a teen, he was often caught driving drunk. The cops would just tell him to "go home and sleep it
off". As a result, he felt very secure with and trusting of authority. Obviously the response today would be
different. His driving privileges would be revoked, probably for years, and
he'd have a criminal record.

My most crucial realization is that none of this is a "problem" that should
be "solved"; especially not by "old farts". I would lean towards something
along the lines of a "panel" of "troubled" kids with someone who could help
implement viable ideas. I know quite a few teenagers who are using their
leadership potential to get into/create trouble. They don't need anything
solved for them. A large part of the problem seems to be, they aren't allowed to make decisions about their own lives.

If anyone things this sounds good, there are a number of ways it could be
set up. Feedback appreciated.


P.S. The names deceptive. I'm female.