Re: virus: underestimating the meida

amir (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 23:07:18 -0400

hey, im also a freshman.

> makes us who we are. Parents should also teach their children how to
deal >with their angers and frustrations in positive ways instead of letting it all >bottle up until they can't take anymore. This is a firsthand of someone who >is out there, in this world that is being shown on TV and this is how I feel >and how many around the country feel as well. We need to aim the energy used >to criticize the media toward teaching the youth of America acceptance and >diversity.

one of the favorites topics of this list is the us-them memes. as long as there is a here and a there, then "we" are here, and "they" are there. and of course as long as there is a "here" there is also a "there." for true diversity then "them" would have to become part of "us." for true acceptance, "us" will have to regard them as an equal, which is impossible because "us" and "them" are obviously not the same. so, in the interest of getting to the point, do you see how there can never be true acceptance or diversity because of us and them? of course, since the foundation of "us" and "them" has no merit, there is a giant "us," the recognition of which is the closest we will ever come to true acceptance and diversity.

about dealing with anger and frustration: express yourself. girls are far better at expressing their sadness and anger than boys (as a boy i wonder how i made this distinction)... i make music and compose/write songs, as i wrote in the "alienated youth" topic, many do drugs... etc.

~the great tinkerer