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Hello all,
How many of you are teens in high school? I am, and I have to tell you I'm petrified about all of this. It's horrible. But I don't think the media is making it worse, the responsibility is not on the media's shoulders but on the parents. I am a freshman in high school and I don't fit in all that well because of my alternative beliefs and opinions. It is not easy to go to school everyday just to be singled-out and teased all day long by everyone. It is a sad world in which difference is not accepted nor encouraged. We are all different from each other but for some reason we have to be like everyone else and those who want to be themselves no matter how different that may be are not accepted. They are ridiculed to a point where they don't want to be different and think of themselves as useless. I think that parents should teach their kids that diversity is a good thing, something that should be encouraged and applauded, and that the diversity of the human spirit is what! makes us who we are. Parents should also teach their children how to deal with their angers and frustrations in positive ways instead of letting it all bottle up until they can't take anymore. This is a firsthand of someone who is out there, in this world that is being shown on TV and this is how I feel and how many around the country feel as well. We need to aim the energy used to criticize the media toward teaching the youth of America acceptance and diversity.

William DeLaVega

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> No they have been programmed for a response they have seen so many times
> themselves of how people react on television and now it's their turn. The
> grieving process is being turned into a side show. look at the shrine they
> turned her car into. They also created a religious martyr. The guy who plays
> drums in my band now was born in 1948 in Montgomery Alabama. As he put it
> the other night when we were talking. Man they gotta just let it go. If they
> don't it's just gonna get worse.
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> Jim
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> its not like theyre being interviewed
> >at gunpoint!
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> >if your so concerned about the media's motives, maybe you should take
> >another look at what youre getting out of it. i dont see how the
> >interviews and the unending coverage gets to your nerves. if they made a
> >TV movie reenacting the shooting... then i would be offended if you did
> >NOT scorn the media.
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