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Tue, 20 Apr 1999 15:12:02 +0100

In message <006b01be8b25$8498a680$c4aee0d0@default>, Jim <> writes
>Richard wrote
>>To test this theory, propose an experiment that would show a child could
>>perform some task competitively with an adult.
>Richard I have an experiment but first I would like a response to an earlier
>You had defined clarity of purpose as">From a Level-3 standpoint, it's being
>so certain of what's most important to you that all other decisions,
>including choice of memetic programming, stems
>from that knowledge.
>My reply the child that believes in Santa even after their circle
>of friends no longer does. Why would they other than your stated definition.
>Well what do you say ? I have heard KMO and Joe. It was your post. Would you
>care to respond?

OK, I'm not Richard, but I'm stimulated to jump in here, anyway. Just to say: there's a difference between clarity and fixity, isn't there?

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