RE: virus: levels only two Richard

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 07:58:45 -0700

Jim wrote:

<<You had defined clarity of purpose as">From a Level-3 standpoint, it's
so certain of what's most important to you that all other decisions, including choice of memetic programming, stems from that knowledge.

My reply the child that believes in Santa even after their circle of friends no longer does. Why would they other than your stated definition. Well what do you say ? I have heard KMO and Joe. It was your post. Would you care to respond?>>

Your question didn't mean anything to me. So you have a group of children, and one of them is the last to believe in Santa Claus. That happens in 100% of groups of children. How could you infer anything at all from that, let alone the degree of clarity someone has about life purpose? And I thought your point was that ALL children have clarity of purpose and then somehow lose it. No, it makes no sense to me. Please clarify.

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