Re: virus: Bill's "perspective" on Presidential character and too much TV - all in one brief note...

Jim (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 21:30:17 -0500

It is truly unfortunate that Bill found so many absolutely great spinners of fiction to work in his camp. I have greatly enjoyed watching him and his boys work. But very few women will condemn him for if they do they will in effect be condemning the life style they live and put up with. And would you all not think it treason for the president of a country to corrupt its legal system and thought process of it's people. Oh these are things to consider. And the truth is that those who have high morals and are not corrupt in some way want no part of the American political system. And remember it is better to own a congressman senator or governor than to be one. But once you have them where do you keep them can't have them in the house because they will take your belongings when your not looking. Also out side is no good because you don't want the neighbors talking to them because then they will find how cheap they can be had. It is a dilemma.
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