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Tue, 13 Apr 1999 01:57:26 +0300 (EEST)

Jim <> wrote:
> That my friend is a decision you must make
> Best wishes
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> >How high can one go?
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> >I want to know.
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No. Not a decision. A fact to be found out.

IMO, as sad as it seems, it is not possible to climb infinitely high. Often the heights achievable are relative to the heights that your co-beings are capable of achieving.

It's the same thing as with economic well-being. Just compare children in India and the US, and their environments and economic well-being and their levels of civilization.

You don't see many infinitely sharp spike-mountains. All mountain peaks have support from the rocks nearby.

What the Internet is giving into the situation, is that it is enabling a bigger pack of monkeys than ever before to communicate efficiently. The mountain peak is perhaps "growing" a larger base than ever before. All those monkies who want to learn the information and facts about washing potatoes can have it, unlike before. This in turn creates new potato-washing techniques, theories and potato-washer clubs. Variation and evolution. New ideas propagate faster and wider than ever before among potato-washers. The monkies do not get any smarter, but those smart enough can better and more efficiently use what little they have, and others can copy them. It is efficiency that is gained.

I don't see a "critical mass" of anything being achieved, but a mountain of experience, information and wisdom growing slowly. A critical mass of memes? I'd say it's what occurs when something spills over and the stupid ones are forgotten. Maybe this is why we need to sleep? :-)

.. Just my thoughts.

++ J