Re: virus: levels only two

Mon, 12 Apr 1999 09:58:41 -0700

Jim wrote:

> You make my point for me.

If so, then you have a very good point. But I don't think that the portion of the post you quoted makes the point that freeing oneself from the chains of Belief undoes all of the learning and experience that you have acquired on your journey. There may be aspects of child-like thought in the mental state of someone who has rejected dogmatic thinking, but that person will also have the assets of years of experience which were not available to him before his years of service to his master BS.

> To search for what was lost is often extremely
> time consuming and frustrating.

"Of all ambitions, perhaps the least practicable is that of regaining something that has been lost -- a love, a trust, or any other desirable state of affairs. (...) That which we won and held by luck, confidence and simple good humor is far less available to the strained pleading of the dispossessed."

-Robert Grudin

> I do not infer that a child is more
> sophisticated than a adult . ......The answer is out there.......Not in a
> book.

Well, I'm about to head "out there" for a week, but weakling that I am, I'm taking a book.

See you all in a week.