Re: virus: levels only two

Jim (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 10:48:39 -0500

You make my point for me. To search for what was lost is often extremely time consuming and frustrating. I do not infer that a child is more sophisticated than a adult . ......The answer is out there.......Not in a book.


Jim Callahan
Creator of Applied Thought Technologies

>As I understand Jim's claim, he's asserting that the mental state of an
>who has come to recognize the value of not letting any particular belief
>interfere with their quality of life is no different from the mental state
of a
>seven year old who has yet to fully settle into her L2 BS. That seems
>to me. When following a spiral path, we will sight familiar landmarks, but
>doesn't mean we aren't in new territory.
>It seems that adults have a very different notion of time, and people who
>the proximal master of the next urgent task think differently than people
>have a purpose or the phaith that lets them operate according to a more
>long-range vision.