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Has anyone considered erasing most if not all of the conversation previous to their replies? Or possibly going into chatrooms instead of wasting this much space and maximum amount of messages allowed in my folders?

This is something we all can be doing... With Netscape Navigator 4.51 i just clicked 'forward', 'in line' to open up the message quoted without the << (quote marks) and then editing the message down to the essential points being discussed.

It seems that everyone has a problem with this country's educational system. As a gifted child in a school with no programs, i meandered through school barely graduating.


However, it all comes down to my philosophy... Do, don't be.
Anyone with practical applications & solutions please reply, an idea does better & means more if it can be applied!!!!

I, too was bored to numbness in school, (i'm now 49). One of the most promising ideas we can all start promoting is a 'Life Skills' program with age appropriate subject matter. I don't mean 'dumbed down', either. Allow for a even learning field with the challenge of learning a goal in and of itself.

This Life Skills coarse would consist of one period a day of: Learning to communicate with others ie: the mechanics of communication Learning how to learn and why/ where information is located Interpersonal relationships (all of this- age appropriate)

Family- how to be a brother/sister/parent/uncle/aunt/neighbor/citizen etc.

How to get along with others, even the different! Personal economics (bank accounts and all) Basic food preparation (food safety stressed)- nutrition Basic Hygenine
Social Skills (this is one of the main purposes of the program) Rational thinking exercises
Local/national/world news, current discussion and research (as appropriate)
Here's just a few of my thoughts for now. I'd like to expand upon them and then try to infect our education system with this meme to get it rolling.
I'm told that Japan already has something similar to this in their educational system.

What do you all think?

Drew Patterson

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