RE: virus: Too Much TV

Sat, 10 Apr 1999 22:22:51 PDT

Has anyone considered erasing most if not all of the conversation previous to their replies? Or possibly going into chatrooms instead of wasting this much space and maximum amount of messages allowed in my folders?

It seems that everyone has a problem with this country's educational system. As a gifted child in a school with no programs, i meandered through school barely graduating. Well guess what fellow Virians, it's not getting better by bitching about it. i fought for many a fucked up value while i was in school, while my wife was in school & will when my baby enters the malformed machine we call an educational institution. Without television i wouldn't had a chance to form my own opinions & learn about new ideas. methinks, the problem lies not in television, but in the shit we let pass into our minds. If we actually evaluate that which we have gleaned from television then it becomes not such a despicable apparition. Mayhaps if we dropped all forms of censorship than it would form an opportunity for less known opinions have airs. However, it all comes down to my philosophy... Do, don't be.
Anyone with practical applications & solutions please reply, an idea does better & means more if it can be applied!!!!

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