Re: virus: Levels only 2 now !

Jim (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 21:19:23 -0500

First off you have brought irrelevant materiel into this debate. It matters little what others have written for their writings have no validity in this context. The issue is that when I provided a explanation of the three levels Richard admitted he saw the point I was making.( That children are level three and we or a good portion of us regress to lower levels). I stand by my original post. That is what happens. The reason for my recent post was I believe I was in error and that in truth only two levels exist. I believe Tim has explained the Santa issue in a extremely clean way. If I was incorrect in my example tell me why. Or maybe Richard would care to. I do believe I am correct in the restructuring and explanation of the levels. I Further believe that only two levels exist. And yes the text you supplied can pertain to a seven year old. It is not a level of sophistication that qualifies the level. I did not believe this a difficult concept to grasp. Follow till death that could be the next thirty seconds or the next seventy years. Human thought processes change and so does the perception of time. And is not happiness a suitable goal? And it was clarity of purpose not life propose. I am sorry if this may be a slightly rambling post. I have not had the opportunity to sleep in the past 53 hours but I will soon. Have a good day
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