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I am sorry I have not been able to properly communicate this idea to you. The levels are not a hierarchy. I know it has that sound. At this point in your life you accept ideas and concepts easily. What if I told you that in a week that will change and you will not even know it has happened. Being at the place you are in your life cycle it seems impossible. youth seams a form of immortality it is not. Now stretch the week into several years the change is slow. You will not notice it. I will promise you that. Your way of evaluating information and people has changed. You have regressed. I hope this makes my idea a little clearer.

Rave on Children

>isnt it better to allow each mind to be its own idividual *being* ?
>leveling them is a way of making one *higher* and thats the only good it
>can do, unless you want to sort minds. but drawing distinctions between
>thinking might lead to the *cleansing* of level-1 thinkers (every
>difference is another way to separate)