Re: virus: levels only two

the great tinkerer (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 21:00:07 -0400

>I do not propose this as a rating system. Think more along the line of
>species. How could one possibly be more important than another? As a tool
>the idea of levels can be useful. Have you ever stood on your toes to look
>over a crowd. You are not looking down on them. You are looking over them to
>gain a better view. A view that is unobstructed. you stand on the basic
>ground with every one but have chosen to see more.

isnt it better to allow each mind to be its own idividual *being* ? leveling them is a way of making one *higher* and thats the only good it can do, unless you want to sort minds. but drawing distinctions between thinking might lead to the *cleansing* of level-1 thinkers (every difference is another way to separate)

if you think im a little out there... youre probably right... peace
~the great tinkerer