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From: Brett
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Zloduska wrote:

> The being formerly known as Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
> >*Enchantment* is a mindset. It can established in a second mind
> >symbolically (preceeding the re-organization of this second mindset to
> >accomodate the meme-- "teletubbies", for example). The mindset of
> >enchantment involves "amusement". *Amusement* is the state of
> >self-enmeshment within which all external stimuli is perceived like a
> >baby might perceive it. It is one of the 5 most powerful memesets I
> >have worked with (enchantment, trance, mystification, glamour, and
> >illusion). It is as powerful as a "hypnotic" trance state and the
> >memes conveyed this way are as effective as "post hypnotic
> >suggestions".
> Besides this being true for the Teletubbies...couldn't the exact same
> "Enchantment" idea be said of television in general? People are ABSORBED
> by their television set, even if only a commercial is on! And that is what
> really tweaks me about TV. Watching talk shows is like Poltergeist; the
> screen talks to you in the middle of night and tries to swallow your soul.
> But anyway, what's special about the Teletubbies program if the rest of
> public tv has a similar enchanting, mind-melting effect? Sure, for young
> children in its simplicity lies it's brilliance, but on the other hand the
> same works for adults- programming is an efficient form of simple stimulus,
> but it's just plain STUPID. Those same tots watching the 'quality'
> Teletubbies show now will soon graduate into equally mindless sitcoms and
> soap operas. What's the use, folks?! We worry and fret over censorship,
> propriety, and educational quality of television programming for children,
> and try guard them from profanity, sex, and violence on the 'Net and in
> movies. But hell, as soon as they turn 18, we can't sell them enough smut
> or shove enough banal and empty weekly shitcoms down their throat,
> intermingled with alcohol and cigarettes commercials that use lots of SEX
> to sell the product, usually the same corporate sponsors for violent
> sports. Persecute me for that last run-on sentence, but may I mention the
> enthusiasm for 'patriotism' and the country's eagerness to push the same
> supposedly sheltered children into the military once they grow up so they
> may one day die or kill for something they don't really believe in, save
> their faith in 'freedom' that think they are fighting for. The American
> people are deluded, and we owe this to the likes of the X-files and
> Suddenly Susan! Teletubbies are only the beginning of this mental downward
> spiral, rid us of them and their ilk forever!
> But yeah, I'm a cynic... ;-)
> ~kjs
Teletubbies are enchanting. TV creates an illusion. The difference is that enchantment always reverts the person enchanted to a pre-existing developmental stage. Illusion CAN expand a person's awareness, symbolically, by suggesting something which exists outside of the person's own past. (Though I agree that being mesmerized by tv SEEMS the same as being enchanted to a childlike state-- in fact, when one is enchanted, one becomes succeptable to illusions; though, such illusions INCLUDE the adult verson of the person reverted to a childlike state within the illusion... that is, ALL symbolism takes on the elements of fantasy [since there is no "real", or adult, self to which these symbols apply]: Similarly, illusion which involves fantasy creates enchantment; so, you might say that *self-awareness* [rationality] is missing when one is enchanted).

What I mean is... TV is a type of virtual reality which can train a person's mental and physical coordination (illusion can do this, enchantment seems to make one more spastic).