Re: virus: Serbian Television

Craig Dolan-Betney (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 21:42:32 +0100

Why has this calmed your doubts, I would think it should make you even more aware how weighted the media can be. Especially your own.

I live in the UK and I can get CNN on cable, I (as a non-american) find it quite heavily biased and nationalistic, the only benefit is that it makes me more wary of believing media specifically targeted at the demographic I am supposed to be a part of (i.e.. the BBC).

I don't think a lot of people on this list realise how much of their reality map is created by the indoctrination that goes on during their education. A lot of people have the same concept of freedom, doesn't this hint towards a common source, in which case: where is the freedom in that?

Sodom wrote:

> I hope this only goes out once, but my mail is acting up, sorry if multiple
> copies appear
> Well, I was fortunate enough last night to see an hour or so of Serbian
> Television - a news broadcast. It was quite sad. I had actually thought that
> propaganda would be subtle, that there would be room for interpretation,
> that the perspective would at least be malaebale to the viewer. Boy was I
> wrong. The news as far as i could tell was completely state run propaganda.
> According to this broadcast, the Serbians are being merciful and helpful to
> the Ethnic Albanians while the "Evil NATO led by the corrupt and immoral
> USA" is deliberatley wiping out the Albanians as the beginning of their
> planned total invasion and take over of Yugoslavia. The broadcast also noted
> how Yugoslavia is shooting down NATO planes, NATO has been launching attacks
> against Macedonia, and Albania is trying to take over Kosovo to expand their
> evil Muslim presence.
> Suffice it to say that whatever doubts I had about the fairness of our news
> have been calmed.
> Bill Roh