Re: virus: Matrix...and teletubbies

Zloduska (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 18:28:16 -0500

Bill wrote:

>Well, Kristee, it's the same old tale. One pill (the red one) will reveal
>the truth of reality to the person, the other (blue pill) will obliterate it
>completely and let the person live in the fantasy world.
>I'll take the red pill.

So would I, as I said, but I can't escape the feeling that maybe we have been taking the blue pill in regular doses all this time, and the prescription for the red pill expired a long, long time ago. Perhaps it's because I have just seen yet another reference to Squid on Tim's comic site.

SK wrote:

> I guess i'd just have to go with the red one, but i'd be sure to lace
>it with strichnine first. In anycase it wouldn't really matter would
>'s like, would i like to be a Christian if i could really choose
>to believe as one? It sure would be great to REALLY 'KNOW' that heaven
>was there waiting for me and all is under the loving guidance of the
>G-man...and everything is just for the best in the best of possible
>worlds. I mean, even if i were deluded - it would be one heck of good
>trip now wouldn't it?

Look what happened to that old Dr. Pangloss though..his nose rotted off!

> but onto my primary topic; i really think we should be talking a lot
>more about 'teletubbies' and their significance in our lives.

As a phenomenon, or a product?

>p.s. zloduska, i would send you a teletubbie if they weren't so
>incredibly expensive. it seems the worlds reserves of 'hard plastic'
>are getting dangerously low..that coupled with the deforestation of the
>'nylon worm's' natural habitat has sent teletubbies prices soaring...but
>you get what you pay for;)

I think the Tellytubby fad is in the same vein as the horrid Beanie Babie craze. Both are ridiculous. But...since Jerry what's-his-face has publicly condemned the show for being pro-gay and featuring a homosexual teletubbie creature, I wouldn't mind being associated with ol' Tinky Winky. Only, I think those things are too frightful-looking to keep one.

brought to you by the color purple and the number 19, ~kjs