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Wed, 31 Mar 1999 09:43:41 +0100

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>>The New Testament contains strong indications that that the most basic
>>doctrines of modern Christianity were promulgated by the evangelist Paul,
>>over the strenuous objections of Jesusí original followers.
>funny i think it was you who jumped on my neck when i mentioned something
>to the same affect in the string "if jesus were alive today" saying "what
>proof do you have that jesus ever existed" hehe
>jesus's existence aside, did anyone read the newsweek from this week: "2000
>years of jesus?" .....
>the statistics on jesus's existence: 93 percent of christians and 68
>percent of non-christians believe jesus actually lived.
>one statistic that shocked me (and causes me to question both the
>reliabiliy of the source) 48 percent of the people questioned believe there
>would be MORE war if jesus had never existed... second to territory,
>religion is the most fought over thing in history!!!

Aren't religious wars actually wars about territory then? Kosovo could be either, an ethnic thing or a Serb territory thing. Maybe scientists should tribe up, and start taking territory off religious people. We'd be better at inventing and operating weapons. Actually that's quite scary: is it still the case worldwide that the science tribe on balance works for religious masters? Like, scientists make stuff for leaders who conduct wars against gangs /from other religions/? Ugh.