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the great tinkerer (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 00:38:44 -0500

>The New Testament contains strong indications that that the most basic
>doctrines of modern Christianity were promulgated by the evangelist Paul,
>over the strenuous objections of Jesusí original followers.

funny i think it was you who jumped on my neck when i mentioned something to the same affect in the string "if jesus were alive today" saying "what proof do you have that jesus ever existed" hehe jesus's existence aside, did anyone read the newsweek from this week: "2000 years of jesus?" .....

the statistics on jesus's existence: 93 percent of christians and 68 percent of non-christians believe jesus actually lived. one statistic that shocked me (and causes me to question both the reliabiliy of the source) 48 percent of the people questioned believe there would be MORE war if jesus had never existed... second to territory, religion is the most fought over thing in history!!! ~the great tinkerer