Re: virus: Ads creep into TV content

David McFadzean (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 08:53:28 -0700

At 09:22 AM 3/31/99 -0500, Wade T.Smith wrote:

>FWIW, my reaction is always, _always_, to stop watching _any_ program
>that includes _any_ product placement of _any_ sort, including improperly
>masked cereal boxes or thinly veiled parodic allusions- broadcasted
>stand-up comedy being an exception. I end up not watching much TV these
>days. I immediately stopped watching 'Babylon 5' after the Zima
>placement, not that I wasn't watching under duress in the first place,
>but, that was that....

I can understand being annoyed by product placement in movies because you've already paid cash for price of admission. But in TV the advertising *is* the price of admission. Why turn off the show? Cui bono?

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