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Zloduska (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 03:43:42 -0600

TheHermit wrote:
>Prof. Tim
>You seem to have completely missed or greatly underestimated the power of
>reason. I know exactly where SnowLeopard is coming from, and do not care for
>it one itsy teeny bit. I'd have kept my mouth shut, only he sat there
>babbling nonsense, and nobody seemed to want to reply. Which might just have
>given him the impression that he was "scoring points", or may have lead
>somebody else on this list who was wavering between the reason which is
>espoused on the website and the insane positions espoused by some of the
>"gurus" here, to believe that there was no answer for Snowleopard's
>particular challenges or brand of phaith - or any other brand no matter how
>much less poisonous, for that matter.

Hmm....I took Tim's message to mean: "You and Snow Leopard are speaking on completely different wave-lengths." (Notice I didn't use the word "levels".) Not only that, but you and Tim are on different wave-lengths as well, and so you misunderstood him. Kick the Level Mentality to the curb, and stop reasoning who's "scoring points" like you're a teenage boy talking fanatically about a soccer game. Ever wonder *why* you're a self-confessed Hermit before? Is it because you choose to be isolated, or you push people away with your approach?

trying not to speak like Reed (*chuckle*) ~kjs