All I need is a Plastic Jesus! (was: Re: virus: Personally?)

Zloduska (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 03:43:38 -0600

Prof. Tim (the voice of authority) wrote:

>I'm a troublemaker. Can't help it, it's part of my nature--the Aries in me
>(although I'm sure you realize that horoscopes are nothing but completely
>irrational rubbish--mindless claptrap! And a good way to start a
>conversation at a party too, BTW.) I easily identify with the tricksters and
>shaman in most mythologies, Christianity included. I think the relationship
>God and Satan (whose name just means "accuser," if you didn't know)

In this book, The Origin of Satan by Elaine Pagels, it says that the root of "Satan" means "one who opposes, obstructs, or acts as adversary." Just repeating what the book says. It also said that a 'satan' originally acted as a "messenger" for God.

>There are many explainations for the two different myths side by side. (And
>a couple good books on the subject too.) Most biblical scholars feel that
>one was from the patriachal myths of the nomadic Hebrews and the other
>possibly adopted from the matriachal, agrucultral cultures of Egypt.
>However it happened, it's interesting to see the two different versions side
>by side right from the very beginning of the book.

Not to nitpick here, but I'd like to offer a helpful suggestion. I've seen several list members make the same spelling errors, and it wasn't until I was corrected on it did I take notice. There is no word "_explaination_", but there is "_explanation_" without the extra -i-. HTH.

~Little Miss Spelling

ps: Thanks for the subject header Carl, that was a stellar phrase.