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Mon, 29 Mar 1999 21:10:40 -0500

>Well, I'm not a Ph.D, but I play one on TV. (And here too--you'd be amazed
>how many people let their "voice-o-authority" buttons get pushed just by my
>attaching something silly like "Prof." in front of my name. Why, imagine
>what you'd be able to get away with on some lists as Dr. Joy, M.D.!!!!)

Dr. Joy, M.D sounds like the name of a hooker or rap musician (sorry... doctor joy... must be the scorpio in me, LOL)

I think the relationship
>God and Satan (whose name just means "accuser," if you didn't know) have in
>the Book of Job is informative and often overlooked by the "religious"
>church. They aren't antagonistic to one another in the least, God & Satan
>are friends from way back. Satan's just making sure God stays humble (and
>if you're God, that's the kinda friends you *really* need, right?), but he's
>still got big G's back.

um... since i know more about judaism: "satan" in judaism is more of the tempting force, the adversary, against what is righteous and moral. of course, what is righteous and moral is in usually different terms than id choose to agree with... "god" and "satan" are not competing forces until the "new" testament (which mind you is a revision of the "old") and most of modern christianity is a digression ("interpretation") from (of) the bible as a whole...
joy: do you keep kosher? is circumsision required by your religion? these were all modified by paul (to the objection of the original christians) to make it more convinient for others to convert. i wonder how many devout christians realize the true will of jesus (they dont make jews like jesus anymore...)

>God was cold chillin' in the crib with his posse when Satan happen in on.
>God said to him, "Nigger, where you been hidin'?" Satan replied,
>"Shi-i-i-it, you know, Dog. I be roamin' the hood, crusin' with the top
>down, getting heavy." And the Lord did reply, "Ya' seen my man Job on the
>street, fool? He's one rightous upright muthafucka--down with the plan
>800%! Wish I had more soldiers like`em."
>"Well, shit," replied the S-man to Big G-Daddy, "Of course he is. As long
>as you gots `im all set up with d'bitches an d'gold an d'pocket fulla dead
>presidents, he's gonna be your man fer sure. What knida fool wouldn't, G?!?
>But check yerself here, Big Dog. Take a-a-all that away, an your man Job...
>well, your "Rightous Job" he gonna go "law-n-order" an turn your nigger ass
>in in a heartbeat."
>"Yah, so you say, Black!" replied the Almighty Kingpin, "Tell you what, I
>got money down on it. You be my man as always--you go on out, you do what
>you want with his bitches and his gold--hell you can even jack his ride for
>all I care--but if I find out you messed with one hair on his rightously
>jerry-curled head I'm gonna bust a cap in ya', ya' dig?" And so the S-man
>went out into the hood to fuck some shit up on the brotherman Job. Poor Job
>didn't even know what was comin'.

A+ hahaha ROTFLMAO i have to find two-three people who would record this... it would make a perfect hip hop song.... hahah

>BTW, if you want to check out curious conundrums in the bible, just start
>with the beginning; with Genesis. The first couple of chapters contain two
>complete, but slightly different creation myths, one from Gen. 1:1 to 2:3
>and the other from Gen. 2:4 to 2:25. (As an aside, Genesis 2:25 is probably
>the bit of scripture I've quoted most often in my life, "And they were both
>naked, man and woman, and were not ashamed." It comes in handy quite
>often.) I suggest reading the two versions in reverse order (2:4-2:25 first
>and then 1:1-2:3) so you can see how different they are.

i confronted a rabbi about this (specifically the 2 creations): the first creation was "creating" and the second was "forming" i create songs ever day and i record them some other day... different authors... yeye you mentioned about all the books on the subject:

>There are many explainations for the two different myths side by side. (And
>a couple good books on the subject too.) Most biblical scholars feel that
>one was from the patriachal myths of the nomadic Hebrews and the other
>possibly adopted from the matriachal, agrucultral cultures of Egypt.
>However it happened, it's interesting to see the two different versions side
>by side right from the very beginning of the book.
>Makes you wonder what the point of that was, doesn't it? Maybe that the
>words themselves aren't as important as the meaning--that how the story is
>told isn't as important as the story itself. (Or even the meaning hidden
>_inside_ that story.)

the bible (particularly genesis) is the best testament to the behavior of man. ...pardon me while i go eat of a forbidden fruit (mmm mango....)

~the great tinkerer