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Mon, 29 Mar 1999 09:57:19 PST

"Is there anything so sad as unrequited love"?

>From: "Snow Leopard" <>
>Subject: virus: Personally?
>Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 06:16:07 PST
>Hi, everyone!
>This is Joy. Iím the one who composes most of the ďSnow LeopardĒ
>comments, in case you havenít noticed. It was my idea to jion the
>My primary co-cospirator is Nathan Russell, who visited this list over
>the summer,, heís on my side now.
>In case youíre interested, I scored INTP on your test, though usually I
>register as ENTP.
>Nathan registers as ISTP.
>So long as web-sites and personality types have entereed the
>discussion, I might add that I am a 15 year old student, female, who
>writes science fiction. If I ever get published, Iíll send everyone a
>copy- and donít worry, itís not the sappy sci-fi that CS Lewis put out.
>Anyone whoíd like to drop in a personal bio, Iíd like to know who Iím
>talking to.
>Also, Iíd like to apologize for my spurting responses. Since Iím
>the account, I need some approval from my friends here, and that means
>that based on oue scheldule, I usually can mail every other day,
>weekends excluded. Iím not trying to ignore anyone, and often I find
>myself wanting to respond, only to realize that the mail is three days
>old, and someone else has already resolved matters.
>In response to the question I began to answer Thursday, ďWhat does
>Christianity mean to meĒ, I have to say:
>While the way people react does influence me to make generalized
>statements, personally, Iím very happy as a Christian. My best friend,
>imagiary or not, know everything, and everything about me, but loves me
>just the same.
>I feel like for everything that hurts another, I must make restitution.
>In any given situation, I usually have guilt (self- damage), another
>human who has been the victim of whatever Iíve done wrong this time,
>God, who loves the other person, and me and is deeply offended that Iím
>messing up his creation. Itís easy enough for me to forget or
>rationalize what Iíve done to myself. I can usually make up for what
>Iíve done to others, but God has to keep the gears of cosmic justice
>running smoothly, and must have a reason to forgive. I canít provide
>that, but I have a Friend who can, (and did 2000 or so years ago.)
>To be perfectly honest, if I had to die for someone, Iíd probably want
>something in return, and Iíd want to get the most for my pains. All
>Jesus wants out of Christians is for us to be good people, as best as
>our fallible personalities can be, and for us to tell others, that they
>may find the same comfort.
>Life for life, I die for you, I want you to live for me.
>That is, by the way, the very same thing that Paul, Jesus, James and
>everyone else said about Christianity. Jesus said, ďBlessed are you
>when you are persecuted for my sake.Ē
>That says:
>a) youíre going to do something for me
>b) people are going to give you a hard time
>c) Iíll make it worth your effort
>James says, ďIf you convert a sinner, youíre saving him from hell and
>covering a multitude of sins.Ē
>Appliying that to me, when I was Born Again, I was spared from Hell,
>God could no longer see a gret many shortcomings.
>|ďFollowing Jesus, making him the center of your life, trying to do the
>right |thing (as He would have you do).Ē -Nathan
>I might add, my enlightened friends, the source of the word Ďsiní, at
>which many shutter, and a few laugh.
>It was an English archery turn for anything other than a bullís eye.
>Sin simply means ďTo miss thee markĒ
>Any of you who thinks youíre perfect, please let us know!
>Just because you have a different word, youíre never really going to be
>able to devide these things. Believe me, Iíve tried. There are few
>people who will ever admit to phaith(i), especially because it makes
>perfect sense to them. Iíd also note that I havenít seen the
>of belieph, and if itís meant true belief, I canít see an oppposite.
>ďYeah, hi, I kind believe this, dude.Ē ???
>A pleasure communicating with such a vast intelligence as this
>Meme-fixated collective, to be sure.
>Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings,
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