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Mon, 29 Mar 1999 06:16:07 PST

Hi, everyone!
This is Joy. Iím the one who composes most of the ďSnow LeopardĒ comments, in case you havenít noticed. It was my idea to jion the list. My primary co-cospirator is Nathan Russell, who visited this list over the summer,, heís on my side now.

In case youíre interested, I scored INTP on your test, though usually I register as ENTP.
Nathan registers as ISTP.

So long as web-sites and personality types have entereed the discussion, I might add that I am a 15 year old student, female, who writes science fiction. If I ever get published, Iíll send everyone a copy- and donít worry, itís not the sappy sci-fi that CS Lewis put out.

Anyone whoíd like to drop in a personal bio, Iíd like to know who Iím talking to.

Also, Iíd like to apologize for my spurting responses. Since Iím shring the account, I need some approval from my friends here, and that means that based on oue scheldule, I usually can mail every other day, weekends excluded. Iím not trying to ignore anyone, and often I find myself wanting to respond, only to realize that the mail is three days old, and someone else has already resolved matters.

In response to the question I began to answer Thursday, ďWhat does Christianity mean to meĒ, I have to say:

While the way people react does influence me to make generalized statements, personally, Iím very happy as a Christian. My best friend, imagiary or not, know everything, and everything about me, but loves me just the same.

I feel like for everything that hurts another, I must make restitution. In any given situation, I usually have guilt (self- damage), another human who has been the victim of whatever Iíve done wrong this time, and God, who loves the other person, and me and is deeply offended that Iím messing up his creation. Itís easy enough for me to forget or rationalize what Iíve done to myself. I can usually make up for what Iíve done to others, but God has to keep the gears of cosmic justice running smoothly, and must have a reason to forgive. I canít provide that, but I have a Friend who can, (and did 2000 or so years ago.)

To be perfectly honest, if I had to die for someone, Iíd probably want something in return, and Iíd want to get the most for my pains. All Jesus wants out of Christians is for us to be good people, as best as our fallible personalities can be, and for us to tell others, that they may find the same comfort.
Life for life, I die for you, I want you to live for me.

That is, by the way, the very same thing that Paul, Jesus, James and everyone else said about Christianity. Jesus said, ďBlessed are you when you are persecuted for my sake.Ē

That says:

a) youíre going to do something for me
b) people are going to give you a hard time
c) Iíll make it worth your effort

James says, ďIf you convert a sinner, youíre saving him from hell and covering a multitude of sins.Ē
Appliying that to me, when I was Born Again, I was spared from Hell, and
God could no longer see a gret many shortcomings.

|ďFollowing Jesus, making him the center of your life, trying to do the right |thing (as He would have you do).Ē -Nathan

I might add, my enlightened friends, the source of the word Ďsiní, at which many shutter, and a few laugh.
It was an English archery turn for anything other than a bullís eye. Sin simply means ďTo miss thee markĒ
Any of you who thinks youíre perfect, please let us know!

Just because you have a different word, youíre never really going to be able to devide these things. Believe me, Iíve tried. There are few people who will ever admit to phaith(i), especially because it makes perfect sense to them. Iíd also note that I havenít seen the definition of belieph, and if itís meant true belief, I canít see an oppposite. ďYeah, hi, I kind believe this, dude.Ē ???

A pleasure communicating with such a vast intelligence as this Meme-fixated collective, to be sure.
Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, Joy

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