Re: virus: Guns for Peace

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:03:54 -0500


Reed Konsler <> writes:

I agree. But the world is more social these days than material. The consequences of peoples actions are social consequences more often than physical ones. This means that you and I, and KMO, must pledge to enforce the laws and mores of society in order that each citizen may feel the full weight of consequences for their actions.

No no no. We must instead pledge to take responsibility for our own actions and words; and further, to help those who are trying to acheive their goals by coercive (including violent) means to see that even they benefit by solving their problems via non-coercive mutual preference seeking.


Coercion, whether for the purported "good of the whole" or for the paternalistic protection of the individual, is unacceptable to us. Compulsion breeds ignorance and weakens the connection between personal choice and personal outcome, thereby destroying personal responsibility. -- Max More; The Extropian Principles v2.6;