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Snow Leopard (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 06:15:01 PST

I believe that the Bible is the inspired words of God, however, where some stupid guy decided to break the chapters is not always at such a quality. (Same goes for translations, but I donít know very much Greek or Hebrew) Since such ideas may be broken incorrectly, just as any living human can be misquote by removing ammending statements from the beginning or end of their speech, it is only fair that in any case, whatever discrepancies may be found in the Bible should be investigated with the same vigour as the enthusiam one uses to find these bits of informationto begin with.

Also, I was not referring to the scripture someone kindly suggested over the weekend.
I have a few that have the gist of my idea, that the faithful donít accept whatever happens to fall out of the mouth of the priest, they should seek the truth for themselves. I have faith that God is smarter than how the pastor makes him out to be, and bigger than the box religion tries to trap him in.
John 5:39

Acts 17:11

I still caít find the one Iím thinking of- Iím sorry. Like I say, weíre not perfect.

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