virus: The Face of CoV

Mon, 22 Mar 1999 17:39:23 -0800

Bill Roh wrote:
> My webpage (realize that I have not worked on it in a while, and am
> aware of some typographical errors I have made) is at


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> In the old days, my
> band would cruise around California, playing raves and regular gigs.

Ah, the old days.

> I gave music
> a good shot, but tired of the lifestyle eventually. I would also like to see a
> page with bios and other info on the members. I'll help if it is needed.

Would you be interested in putting up a CoV "Silverbacks" site? We could even take advantage of Geocities or some other outfit that hosts pages for free to created a distributed CoVnet. Are you good with Java or CGI?

I have photos of the Virus Northwest Posse, (Prof. Tim, Richard, Eva-Lise, Ken Pantheists, and yours truely. I don't have a photo of David Rosdeitcher, but he'll be in town next week, so that can be remedied.) Any members of the CoV NW crew listed above who don't want their photo posted, please let me know.

> > -KMO