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The URl is right, just put an .html on the end. Try

Like I said, this page is parody and was done when I was especially bitter. I'm thinking of toning it down. For a photo, check out the "Interview with the Anti-Christ". Thats me. Yea, I liked thje good old days, but I like the new and upcoming days even better. Im not much good with CGI or JAVA, but my brother, a lurker here, is. Maybe he can help. Ill be setting up a hosting serivce over the next few months - so Ill look into all that would be necessary or cool.

Bill Roh

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> > My webpage (realize that I have not worked on it in a while, and am
> > aware of some typographical errors I have made) is at
> >
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> > In the old days, my
> > band would cruise around California, playing raves and
> regular gigs.
> Ah, the old days.
> > I gave music
> > a good shot, but tired of the lifestyle eventually. I would
> also like to see a
> > page with bios and other info on the members. I'll help if
> it is needed.
> Would you be interested in putting up a CoV "Silverbacks"
> site? We could
> even take advantage of Geocities or some other outfit that hosts pages
> for free to created a distributed CoVnet. Are you good with
> Java or CGI?
> I have photos of the Virus Northwest Posse, (Prof. Tim, Richard,
> Eva-Lise, Ken Pantheists, and yours truely. I don't have a photo of
> David Rosdeitcher, but he'll be in town next week, so that can be
> remedied.) Any members of the CoV NW crew listed above who don't want
> their photo posted, please let me know.
> > > -KMO