Re: We Shall Fear No Evil (was:: virus: To all sinners...)

the great tinkerer (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 14:26:23 -0500

> Im not trying to shoot down the concepts of kindness and goodwill
>-indeed, regardless of true motive..they are entirely relative terms --
>...what im hoping to do is to make you come to terms with your true
>human nature & stop pretending that you are the idealistic beacon of
>'goodness and kindness' --your avoidance of answering your own question
>is most likely due to the realization that you will have to assume a
>role no longer entirely free from our animal reality....we all want to
>be perfect in the eyes of others because it is through that reflection
>that we are permitted to feel perfect for ourselves - even as we know
>that they are mistaken...As we all want to live forever - and that is
>why we make our Gods.

if you would define what you mean by gods it would help me out. i feel humbled by the universe... is it therefore my god? i feel humbled by things i do not know (basically im humbled by most of this mailing list) to me the future is praiseworthy... there is a god-sense in all these things, but the only way to live (memetically) forever is in the memory of others (or through children i guess) ...

ymy avoidance of my own question is because i do not know what i would do in that situation (i do not have any children... im still in high school!) when i was asked that question at school i asked some of the several factors that would determine my answer: am i still verile..., does the child have a mother, how many people are on the train, how old is the child, is the child defected (i did ask this... very sick in retrospect) etc.

so do you want me to forever start writing my emails with "this could be wrong but:" so i could have prevented your viewing me as pretending to be the "idealistic beacon of 'goodness and kindness'" ... you dont have to assert that i may be wrong: im perfectly aware of it ;-) hehe ~the great tinkerer