virus: Imaginary Friends

Mon, 22 Mar 1999 10:46:33 -0800

Heck, consciously and purposfully tailoring your imaginary friends to your specific needs and circumstances seems to be a vast improvement over playing host to a memetic-monster that has evolved over thousands of years to serve only it's own propagation and for which you are an utterly disposable receptical. You may think that you're better off with no imaginary friends at all, in which case I'd say, "Go your own speed, brother."


Tim Rhodes wrote:
> Sebastian Kinsey wrote:
> >...which then infers a kind of deity state, which gets back to
> >zloduska's point that your 'god' is but an imaginary friend you've
> >customized based on your psychological needs and wants + your cultural
> >identity and its inherent value systems. How pretentious and blinded
> >that sounds..mixed with denial of course.
> Does it sound pretentious? Blinded when mixed with denial, I agree with.
> But why pretentious when self-aware as well?
> -Prof. Tim